We are writing this on the 18th of March 2020. With this unprecedented situation unfolding on a daily basis, we would like to update and reassure all our customers of the measures that have been taken to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus within our business.

After carefully consulting information from the official NHS website dealing with this virus, (please see the full information in the links supplied below) we have established a number of protocols for our business to remain fully functioning over the next few weeks.

Under normal conditions, there are 3 stages in our work where people meet each other.

1. Estimates:

Our senior estimator comes once to visit your premises to establish the scope of work required.

2. Onsite Activity:

Our joiners visit your premises from one day up to many, to deliver the work as specified.

3. Post Site Clean-Up:

After the joiner/team has finished the work, they stay to clean up the working areas.

B&M Joiners Measures

These are the measures we are now putting in place around these 3 stages –

– No handshaking. Please don’t be offended as we all know now, human contact is to be avoided.
– Maintain a safe distance from customers (minimum of 2m) and for customers to be based in another room when our joiners are on site.
– Each team member will be wearing gloves for every visit to your premises.
– Handwashing or cleansing as often as possible
– Whenever possible, we will clean all door handles and working areas with anti-bacterial wipes.

Customer Actions

In return, to ensure the safety of our joinery team and their families, we would ask the same courtesy and consideration from our customers:

– Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines detailed above.
– If you can inform us before we attend your premises if anyone has a bug or you suspect they might be coming down with one.
– All payments to be made by card over the phone or via bank transfer whenever possible

In Summary

We are following all official guidelines and operating to best practices for our business. We truly thank you for your support and cooperation in these challenging times.

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