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With our decades of experience fitting bedrooms across Edinburgh, we can help you answer the key questions: How many drawers, hanging rails and shelves your ideal wardrobe should have. Do you need flexibility with adjustable and removable shelves? What’s going to work best in the space? Read on to found out more.


Built-in wardrobes that will spark joy

Tailor made wardrobes maximise space, creating a seamless look, not to mention giving you exactly what you need to store your heels or vintage trainer collection. Bespoke joinery is a tried and tested way to make the best use of awkward wall shapes or angles.

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Tailormade bedroom storage

If you have a particularly large bedroom space, you could consider a freestanding structure. A-frame for the bed one side, with clever storage around the back. Accessible from both sides. This type of wardrobe structure brings the bed away from the wall and creates an interesting focal point. And with decades of experience fitting bedrooms across Edinburgh, we can help you answer all the key questions:

1. How many drawers, hanging rails and shelves should you have?
2. Should the doors open or slide into recessed pockets?
3. Would adjustable and removable shelves give you greater flexibility?
4. Does this joinery solution need to be future-proof?

Built-in storage for children’s bedrooms

Purpose-built hand-made storage boxes and shelves come into their own in a child’s room. Making books and toys easily accessible in what is often the smallest bedroom in the house.

Ask us about bespoke shelving for bedtime story books, handmade toy boxes, and even sliders for under the bed to accommodate that growing lego collection. Whatever ideas you consider, give us a call to discuss how we can make your dreams come true.

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Bespoke shelving for the bedroom

When most people think of shelving they think of bookshelves at eye height. However, in a bedroom, bespoke shelving can also be a way to create floating bedside cabinets. Perfectly sized for a book and a glass of water. Our expert joiners are here to bring your creative ideas to life.


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