Home Improvements


We complete projects on time and on budget.


There comes a time when many of us face a difficult decision. Do we move, or do we extend?

Let’s face it, there’s only so much that we can get rid of. And, the combination of garage and attic can only house so much ‘stuff’. More people than ever are choosing to extend their homes. Whether you need to add a new bedroom or extend a kitchen we’ve got the experience to deliver.

An extension can change the dynamic of your entire house. Adding the extra space you crave can transform your home. For some it’s about creating more living space where they can spend time with the family. For others it’s about creating a dedicated space for their hobby or passion.

Whatever the motivation, one thing’s clear; extending your home not only gives you more space, it can, also increase the value of your property.

We enjoy working on extension projects. Each one is a fresh challenge, and we like challenges. We’ll work closely with you and your architect to make sure we deliver the space you visioned. Don’t have an architect yet? No problem, we can handle this for you as well. And, we’ll make sure we comply with any local building regulations as well.

We know it’s not much fun to live on a building site, but we work smartly to minimise the impact to you and your family. Our projects are managed tightly and because of our experience, we’re good at estimating how long projects will take. But we’ll never cut corners, we value you and our own reputation too much.
You may be fully committed to extending your home, or you might just be considering it. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s good to talk and get a different perspective. If you’d like an initial conversation, please get in touch.