Inclusive Kitchens


We complete projects on time and on budget.


When designing a kitchen for a person with specific needs this has to be the focus, not the space available.

Height of surfaces

We will take into account the surface heights requited for example a wheelchair user. Of if multiple heights for different people are required then we can implement Rise and Fall units.

Space optimisation

A linear configuraion will mean that heavy objects (saucepans etc) will not need to be lifted away from the work surfaces.


B&M Joiners & Building Services will look to design all apsects of the kitchen to the least hazardous specification. This will include safety drawers and integrating a Sure Stop switch, this is an easily accessible buton that can shut off the entire water supply in the case of a leak.

Units and Cupboards

Units will have a standard look and feel but can be mounted lower if required. Rise and Fall units can also be provided. Soft close hinges that open to 170 degrees rather than the typical 90 degrees improve accessibility. All units will have the maximum capacity possible.

Handles and Taps

Easy to use lever taps will be integrated in the perfect positions for accessibility. B&M Joiners & Building Services can integrate tap components that regulate the temperature of the water to prevent the chance of burns.