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4 Tips For A New Fitted Kitchen

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We all know how much a kitchen in your home matters. It nourishes, maintains us and is the place we spend a large amount of our time.
It’s an important home investment and planning for it is crucial. From cupboard space to flooring and countertops, there are many details to cover.

However, when designing a kitchen, people often forego the most important details. Something as simple as where rubbish should go, the fridge size, and how much working & backend access space each appliance needs are things most homeowners don’t consider.

The Ideal Kitchen

The ideal kitchen will always look great but also be practical, functional and easily accessible. For example, think about not having the fridge too far away from the countertop; otherwise, it could disrupt your cooking. It’s extremely important to plan your kitchen space properly so that you can prepare food and cooking access with ease.

Most people assume that a functional kitchen isn’t always the best-looking one. However, we know they’re wrong. Your kitchen can be functional and also have the prettiest look. Alongside gorgeous finishes & looks, it also depends on how well you design and plan the layout.

We are biased of course, but it really is best to leave the architecture up to a professional kitchen fitting specialist like us. That way, you know your plans, fittings and money spent is going to be a good solid investment for you and your home. With this said, here are a few tips to consider when redesigning your kitchen.

1. Think About the Counter Space

When it comes to a fitted kitchen, most people often forget the counter space. Countertops should be spacious and big enough to accommodate appliances and cooking utensils. If your countertop is too small, you won’t be able to prepare good sized meals for multiple numbers of people.
Good food needs attention to detail. You need all the sauces, spices, and herbs within reach once you switch on the stove. Therefore, make sure your countertop is big enough for appliances, washing up, and do consider socialising.

2. Plan for Good Ventilation

Your kitchen is probably going to be the warmest space in the entire house. With the heat generated, good ventilation is extremely important. Foods cooked on the hob tend to leave behind a strong after smell that can circulate throughout the entire house.
Nice smells like coffee or freshly baked bread are a joy, whereas fried foods can hang in the air for a long time. To stop this, you need to plan beforehand. Work with a fitted kitchen specialist to pick a suitable spot for proper ventilation.

3. Plan for Storage

The countertop isn’t the only aspect that should be considered when it comes to space. Every single thing in your kitchen – from cutlery and drawers to spice jars and the drying rack—needs to be allocated to a well-thought-out space.
Make sure not to overcrowd the kitchen with lots of objects. Under the guidance of a kitchen specialist, come up with smart storage solutions for all the cabinets, utensils, and jars in your kitchen. Additionally, you can also use up the floor space to place a sliding cabinet or a trolley.

4. Manage Rubbish

Lastly, don’t let any rubbish pile up. You might not think about rubbish bins, but their placement and management are extremely important to a hygienic kitchen. You can keep a separate bin for recycling, organic waste and so on. The best way to incorporate all these is by using integrated bins. If the rubbish bins look unsightly, you can also hide them away in a cupboard under the sill once you call it a day. Plus, another simple tip is a good-sized dishwasher. Dirty plates, cutlery, glasses and pans can be stored away in your dishwasher, out of sight to keep your beautiful kitchen looking the part.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our dedicated team at B&M Joiners & Building Services are experts in fitted kitchens. We can plan, supervise, and execute your kitchen fit out with dedication and skill. Get in touch with us to get a quote on your new kitchen on 0131 556 9816


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