Transform your home through extension

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Deciding to extend any part of your house is an exciting adventure. Adding extra space opens up a world of new possibilities! It will certainly change the way you and your family feel at home.
Style and design are very important parts of this kind of project. Do you want the new space to be added to the existing room as if it had always been there? Or do you want to create a completely different atmosphere?
Reconfigure the Space
When you add an extension, the whole design of your home changes, so don’t forget that. The entrance and the hallway should keep their central position. Also, there are spaces that should naturally remain together if possible: the kitchen and the dining room, the bedrooms and the toilets.
If you’re adding extra space to a room, you will have to reconsider its whole layout: natural light, views, points of access, the necessity (or not) of privacy and so on. In some cases, you might want to add walls or knock them down. It all depends on the purpose of the extension itself.
Pocket Doors
Can’t decide between having an open space or an enclosed one? Stop over thinking, because you can have them both!
Pocket doors are the perfect solution. If you have them closed, the two spaces become completely independent from each other. This will allow you to enjoy some privacy and relaxation. In another moment, the pocket doors can be opened, creating the illusion of the two spaces being just one. These kind of doors bring even more extra space, as you can put furniture next to them – whereas normal doors always need a minimum of space around to be used.
Maximise your Budget by Building Up
You’ve already decided on adding an extension… why not building two storeys instead of just one? The average price for square feet can be reduced by stretching the more expensive elements of roofing and foundations over a larger area. If you already have a one-storey structure (such as a garage) you can also add another one onto it.
In this way, you will be getting more space for almost the same amount of money. And having more space will become handy at some point. For example, it can be a study room for when your children to complete homework; it can turn into a library to organise your DVD collection and so on. Once you invest money and the effort on adding a home extension, you should get the most of it!

At B&M Joiners we pride ourselves of having more than forty years of experience adding home extensions. Whatever the project we are working in, we always keep in mind all the pertinent regulations as well as maintaining the unique character of your house. We work with almost any material (timber, brick, stone and plaster, among others). If you want advice and guidance for your project, don’t hesitate in contacting us, we’ll be delighted to help! For more tips and ideas, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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