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Tips to Maximise Kitchen Storage Space

Kitchen Storage Space

Are you in desperate need of more space within a small kitchen? Your first thought might be to get on the phone to your local contractors and start pulling down walls and adding more cabinets. However, if you are on a shoestring budget and don’t want the stress of such disruptive work, we have put together a few tips for maximising the available space you already have.

Invest In Seating That Can Be Hidden Away Easily

Do you have a bar or island unit in your kitchen? If so, you could invest in some seating that can be slid underneath to keep it out of the way and give you more floor space. Even if it means replacing existing chairs, it could help reduce the levels of insanity, the lack of space has been causing you.

Store Smaller, Less Used Appliance Away

The counters and work tops in your kitchen will look a lot better and less chaotic when they are clearer. While you can get rid of those gadgets you never use anymore and any other rubbish you have held onto whatever reason, what can be done about those smaller appliances? For appliances such as toasters and mini grills, you could keep them stored in one of your larger cabinets, so that they can just be taken out as and when you need them.

Tailor-made Storage

Strange shaped rooms with difficult corners, especially the space under the stairs, make places that could be used for storage if utilised properly but simply aren’t. Having tailor-made storage for your unique home could really surprise you when you get inventive.

Out with the Old

Clutter is a massive problem for a lot of people, and it can make a small kitchen feel even smaller. So, it’s crucial to get into the good practice of regularly purging your fridge, cabinets and whatever else you use to store food, cookware and all other related goods. Get rid of canned goods, sauces, rice, cereal and outdated spices that are out of date. Remove worn-out storage containers and any old sponges you might have that are looking decidedly unhygienic.

Invest In Organisers For Your Drawers

Drawer organisers are excellent. With drawer organisers you no longer have that constant battle of trying to make everything fit in haphazard fashion. Not only are they incredibly inexpensive, but drawer organisers are completely indispensable and ensure that your drawers are just as ordered as your cupboards. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place, to has a place – to paraphrase the words of Benjamin Franklin.

Overhaul the Design

If you have a kitchen that’s simply not working for you, be it due to a small size or an awkward shape, then a full kitchen refurbishment may be one of the best options. You can design it exactly the way you want it, and these days bespoke kitchen units and cupboards aren’t that much more expensive than standard sizes. You may choose to remove a wall to make a kitchen/diner, or even switch the layout of the kitchen- but remember, this will involve added cost.


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