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Designing a new bedroom gives you the opportunity to create a peaceful haven in the comfort of your Edinburgh home. Your bedroom is the place you go to escape the quick pace of life, to reflect and recuperate – and of course, get some restorative sleep.

There are many factors that should be noted before you redesign your bedroom. It’s important to keep the dimensions, colour palette, and storage options in mind. But that’s not enough. Here’s our quick guide to help you plan your ideal bedroom.

1. Are You Refreshing the Look or Implementing A Brand-New Design?

If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom’s look without making major changes, an easy range of products like flexible storage, comfortable furniture, and tasteful doorknobs and handles can be the way to go.
But if you’re looking to revamp/renovate the full bedroom, then it’s time to call up a professional. You can speak to us about what you’d like, hear our ideas plus learn the do’s & don’ts and then decide how you want your new bedroom to look.

2. What’s the Function of Your Bedroom?

This is a good time to re-evaluate how you’re going to use your bedroom.
Do you want a larger wardrobe space? Will your bedroom also serve as a working space? Is it purely a place of relaxation? Will you be sharing it? Is there enough light, storage and room to move?
Asking yourself how you intend to use your bedroom is a great way to form an idea of what you want. Getting initial design inspiration can be found online or across great image-driven social sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Consider Your Bedroom’s Dimensions

Knowing your bedroom’s dimensions will help you optimise the space properly. It will help you understand what type and size of furniture or bed you should invest in to really make the most out of your space. And let’s not forget that you need to leave adequate floor space to walk around. Also, you must make sure there’s enough space to move items around and conduct daily activities like changing for work, shoe and laundry storage to name a few.

4. Know Your Budget

Before you begin renovating your bedroom, bear in mind your budget when you start planning. Make a list of furniture, accessories, and other additions that work within your budget and also incorporate the cost of joinery, painting, wallpaper, and other handy work.
But if you’re having a tough time working out a sound budget for your project, speak to us about managing your demands and financial constraints.

5. Don’t Forget About Storage

Do you want your bedroom to showcase your favourite things or do you want them tucked neatly away? Are you going for a minimalist look or a homely one? Deciding the theme of your bedroom and how you want to approach storage will help you decide whether that big wardrobe is a perfect fit for you or not and whether small drawers are a better option instead. There are many options to pick from!

6. Choosing Your Furniture

The key question is… what look are you going for? Do you like sophisticated and timeless furniture, or are you more a fan of the contemporary, modern look? There is a large range of furniture options available in various finishes, like oak, gloss and stone, for example.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it serves your needs of practicality, style, and comfort. If your place is compact, go for neutral colours as cluttering is never a great look, and minimalism looks great in small spaces!

Wrapping It Up

Once you’ve decided your new room’s layout, colour scheme and furniture, it’s time to add the finishing touches with joinery, paint, wallpaper, and any other embellishments you choose to implement along the way.

With tons of adorable bedroom furnishings to choose from, you could end up going a little bit crazy on spending! So do your research, establish your budget and talk to us to achieve that bespoke personality to your brand-new bedroom refit.

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