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Designing Your Own Kitchen


Are you looking to design your own kitchen?

The best-tailored kitchens are built around your needs and ideas, providing you with a seamless experience. It is not your off-the-shelf generic kitchen out of a catalogue.

To see what suits you the most, some research is imminent. Check out magazines, brochures or even speak to professional contractors about what your expectations and needs are and how they can be tailored to create something around those guidelines.

Another great way to plan your bespoke kitchen is to compile your ideas. Make a list of appliances you’d like, the layout you want to see and how you want to arrange your kitchen’s space. This will give you a solid starting point, to begin with.

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

Depending on how lavish your ideas and needs a starting cost can enter at £18,000 upwards. One of the best ways to plan your kitchen is to keep in mind the budget you’re willing to allocate so you can invest wisely.
After you have a fair idea of what you want your kitchen to look and cost like, you can ask your chosen contractor to give you a quote. However, make sure the price quoted includes the breakdown of labour and materials and charts out the timeline.

What’s the Best Company to Work With?

It goes without saying: Choose a company that has the experience, is reputed for their work, service and quality. You can even ask your designer for recommendations or speak to friends about contacts. You can even go through project portfolios to see which company suits your needs better!

How Much Design Input Will I Have?

A good company and designer will put your needs and ideas first. That said, find a company that puts you first. And because you will be working closely with the company for a while, make sure you feel comfortable asking questions and expressing your likes and dislikes. The better the communication, the better the outcome!

What Are The Best Tips For Planning A Bespoke Kitchen?

Design professionals suggest choosing your paint colour based on your worktop. Pair samples together, hold them against the different angles of the light and daytime to get an idea of what your kitchen should look like.

If you’re also looking to create a breakfast space, try assessing space limitations by placing a medium settee to see if your kitchen can accommodate a small dining area.

If you’re big on organisation, see how you can accommodate the wash station, pantry and prep areas to complement one another and make your work easier. Some pros advise their clients to choose built-in appliances. They’re streamlined and fit design lines well.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Bespoke Kitchen?

It’s a mistake to rush things, especially construction projects. It’s wise to budget between three to five months at least for the kitchen to be constructed, appliances to be fitted in and for the room to be fully functional.

Any Other Tips to Keep in Mind?

Keep all your paperwork, financial documents and correspondences safely.
For sourcing suppliers – do your research!

What’s a Semi Bespoke Kitchen?

A semi-bespoke kitchen is an affordable kitchen which incorporates most of your needs but not all. Some layout, furniture and fixtures may be ordered and tailored for space and may not be based on your preference.

If you are ready to go, then do get in touch with us for an initial chat on how you can plan your very own kitchen project!

Plus we offer a free design consultation worth over £250 when you call us and book an appointment.


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