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Working from home has great benefits over the rushed commute and uptight schedule, such as more time with family and being more flexible on work hours. However, it’s not an easy feat. Many of those who work from home find it hard to avoid distractions – after all, the home is a place of leisure. However, with a few changes here and there, even the most compact of rooms can be turned into a great home office.

Start By Planning Your Space

Think about functionality, layouts and even optimising corner space and other areas like under stairs, outdoor sheds or even how it could work in small box rooms. Actioning a few home improvement tips, here are a few ways to create a quick and productive working space.

– If you prefer large office desks, one way to turn your space into a productive home office is by using the under-desk for storage. This way, you’ll have a clear desk-top to work on when you need to concentrate the most and have all your important files at arm’s length.

– Consider downsizing your desk if you dislike unnecessary clutter. It also helps to increase floor space for more fixtures for your home office. A small desk is perfect for those who work on computers or laptops.

– You can even add some functional furniture in your home office. For example, you could get a chest of drawers to store your laptop, stationery and notepads. It’s a fully functional office desk if you think about it, and all you need is a chair.

However, if you’re turning your basement or guest bedroom into a professionally fitted home office, you need to consider joinery for fitted furniture, bespoke storage and painting & decorating and choosing the right wallpaper to create a brighter place to work from. You can even decorate the home office using themed rugs, curtains or blinds. Bright colours are known to enhance productivity!

Turn your workplace into a vibrant space by hanging mood boards, photos, colourful memos and even inspiring photographs or frames. Try an old corkboard or some wall tapestry to add texture and colour to your space. Floating shelves are a good idea to keep the ground space clear.

Using natural light is also a benefit for a home office. If you’ve got a window, choose off white and pastel colours to keep the space warm and functional at the same time. However, if you have a darker room, you can add overhead lighting, standing lamps or even desk lamps to make it brighter. Lamps provide softer lighting, which doesn’t hurt your eyes, and when chosen with a designer’s eye, look good, too!

Bring to the fore your creative edge and add some ambient lighting like tea tree, fairy or stringed lights to spruce up a dark place. In fact, these delicate lights are soft enough to give you an anti-stress effect on your mood as well as your office space! In limited spaces where there is minimal clutter, ambient lighting can truly transform the look and feel of your office.

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