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German Engineered Bauformat Kitchens


Looking for ways to add value and design to your Edinburgh home?

German kitchens are known the world over for their efficient and modern look. They are simple and sleek and they’re surprisingly unique, offering a variety of elegant options for everyone. These kitchens are designed for people who can’t compromise on style and comfort.

They function efficiently and all the units fit together beautifully, creating an ergonomic feel that will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen.

Moreover, they typically come with a self-closing mechanism, requiring little to no effort from you. The drawers close smoothly and slowly, so you can say goodbye to damaged drawers forever!

Why Bauformat German Kitchens Are the Ultimate Choice for You

  1. Get Drawers that Open and Close Effortlessly
    Bauformat German Kitchens come with drawers and pull-outs that feature full extraction, owing to the Blumotion soft-close mechanism that makes for the smoothest opening and closing experience. Blumotion is known to work almost automatically and makes no sound at all. The drawers and pull-outs function on hidden ball bearing guides with a self-closing mechanism that reduces the chances of damage significantly.
  2. Optimise Your Storage Space with Tall Units
    If you’re always looking to optimise your use of storage space, you can now get tall units as well. They are available in a variety of elegant yet practical designs that may include internal drawers, pivoting shelves, sliding door mechanisms, tall pull-outs, and more!
  3. Create New Storage Dimensions with Deep Drawers
    Bauformat kitchens also feature deep drawers with roll-out trays. These offer plenty of space for you to organise all your kitchen utensils. You can layout smaller utensils and silverware on the top tray while keeping bulkier items hidden from view in the bottom drawer. You can also get corner drawers that come with a vertical divider and separate roll-out trays. Moreover, you can opt for other kinds of drawer divisions and inserts for your plate holders, trays, and built-in waste bins to make the most of your limited storage space.
  4. Make the Most of Innovative Corner Cabinets
    You’ll be surprised to learn that innovative corner cabinets have a non-slip coating which means they can be used for a variety of purposes. The newer carousel corner units come with advanced 360° rotation and self-closing doors that make for better functionality and greater aesthetic appeal.
  5. Enjoy Comfort, Durability, and Precision Like Never Before
    Another great aspect to Bauformat kitchens is that all the cabinets that have side-hung doors come with metal hinges. These hinges feature self-closing mechanisms and spring-loaded clips for the comfort of use, durability, and precision. They are adjustable in all directions and provide an opening angle of 110°.

Final Words

There’s no denying that German kitchens have this simplicity in design that makes them perfect for modern homes and period properties alike.

They’re designed with an emphasis on functionality and sophistication and all the materials used are long-lasting and efficient. Get your kitchen to look stunning in any colour and layout with perfectly integrated units that work together beautifully.

Thinking of investing in German Kitchens?

Get in touch with our team at B&M Joiners & Building Services if you’re looking for a trusted solution. Whether you’re upgrading your existing kitchen or planning to design a new one, we have what it takes to bring your dream kitchen to life!


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